I literally woke up with Starbucks this morning. All made bearable by my best roomie ever. Always making sure I stay alive.

Sci Li. Home for the next week.

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listeningtociociosan said: rosalind I haven’t studied at all because I’m working on marine bio LOL can i come over tomorrow u shud teach me neuro

i’ll be home all day! ( : 

listeningtociociosan said: how are you able to study that way I feel like that makes it a lot harder for you LOL help me rosalind I need to study

you can always come over! i’m helpful until lecture 9. it’s down hill for the last lecture LOL

Yay neuro!

Hi everyone! This is election week and I’d really appreciate it if you would take the time to vote yes on SOAR. I know it seems like this center doesn’t do anything for you, but in reality it does a lot for the peers around you. In the case of academic probation or negligence on this campus, this center will be a vital resource to support YOU as well. This means a lot to me because I am a part of an organization called AMP, which is under this center. Without SOAR, students like me wouldn’t be able to be involved on campus doing what we are most passionate about, mentoring other students and helping fellow anteaters feel welcomed at the home we call UCI. Please spare two minutes of your time to log in to ASUCI elections and cast your votes. Your voice would mean a lot to these students who have found their niche on campus through these organizations (club sports too!). 

Here’s the link too!


AMP x Phi Rho. Finally went to After’s Ice cream and it’s surprisingly worth the OC hype.

Induction day. It’s official! ( :

Spent my day doing student panels and boothing for Bio Sci at Wayzgoose. For once in my life, I can say that I am extremely happy with where I am in life and who I have come to be. All it took was moving on from my mistakes and surrounding myself with amazing people. 

Beyond excited to be a part of an organization with these amazing girls. ( :

And in honor of National Sibling’s Day, this is me and my brother. He is man Rosalind and we love to torment our parents together. 

Made it just in time for the Suits’ season finale after my interview. BOO YAH.

I surrender. 12 hours is way too much. 

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